Where and How Can I Get Some Treatment For Herpes Gladiatorum?

What is Herpes Gladiatorum?

Herpes gladiatorum is a skin infection caused by herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV1), the same virus that causes cold sores on the lips. HSV1 infections are very common and according to studies almost 30%-90% people in United States are exposed to herpes by adulthood although, many of them never develop its symptoms. Herpes gladiatorum is an infectious disease and it can be transmitted from one person to other (skin to skin contact). The main reason behind of this infectious disease is human herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV1 commonly causes oral herpes and cold sores). The infection can also be caused by human herpes simplex virus type 2 which is commonly responsible for the appearances for genital herpes. However it is important to remember that both types of viruses can cause the appearance of herpes gladiatorum. Herpes gladiatorum can be treated, but once infected with this virus, a person stays infected for life time. People with herpes gladiatorum can have periods where the virus is inactive and cannot spread to others. However, this virus can reactivate at any time and be transmitted to others, even if there are no symptoms like cold sores.

Causes of Herpes

The cause for the herpes condition is because of viral infection that is picked up through personal and very often through sexual contact. The virus enters in your body through crack in your skin, like cut and wound. However it is possible for the virus to enter into a person’s body through the skin of the mouth, vaginal, anus and cervix. This virus can spread from one part of your body to another. Unfortunately, a woman who is infected with this disease can also pass the virus on to her baby, during the delivery process.

Symptoms of Herpes

  • The symptoms of herpes gladiatorum usually begins about 8 days cold soreafter exposure to HSV1
  • Fever ( during the first episode)
  • Swollen lamps (enlarged lymph nodes)
  • A tingling at the affected area
  • A cluster (usually more than one), a clear, fluid-filled blisters that may surrounded by redness, these blisters may or may be not painful.
  • Blisters and lesions usually heal within 7-10 days.

Some home remedies to treat herpes gladiatorum at home are

1. Aloe vera gel-

aleo vera for herpesAloe vera for herpes. Aloe vera is extensively used in beauty products for good reasons. It has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, and the ability to heal everything from starting from constipation to diabetes. Aloe vera gel is very effective and one of the best way to treat its symptoms. Aloe vera has healing agents and it is helpful in curing cold sores. Cut the fleshy aloe leaf and dab the gel directly on your sores. If aloe plant is not available, you can use packaged aloe gel.

2. Vanilla extract-

Natural vanilla extract contains numerous anti-oxidants, including vanillic acid and vanillin. Anti-oxidants protect your body from damage and harmful components, such as free radicals and toxins. If you use few drops of vanilla extract then it will surely increase the healing of cold sore. Read more to know about vanilla extract for cold sores.

3. Lemon- lemon for herpes

Lemon juice has several health benefits associated with it. It is well known as a useful remedy to treat kidney stones and reducing stroke. If you want you can also use lemon balm, soak cotton ball into lemon balm then directly apply on your affected area of the skin.

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