Herpes Infection and its several myths

Herpes And Its Annoying Symptoms

Herpes is an infection better known as herpes simplex is a type of viral infection that is caused by a family of virus that contains two viruses in its family. This is a type of virus that generally attacks on different parts of your skin and causes unwanted symptoms. Almost 75-85% people across the world have been affected by this virus and this number is likely to increase in upcoming decades. This is a contagious disease that means if you come in direct skin to skin contact with an infected person then you will be at the higher risk of getting this virus. It is a chronic disease as well that means the duration of this disease will be longer as much as two months, 3 months, a year or even you may suffer of this infection for your life. As discussed above there are two types of virus.

Herpes Simplex Virus Idownloads1

Herpes Simplex Virus 1 also known as HSV-1 is a type of virus that generally attacks on your mouth and its surrounding area like nose, eyes, lips, tongue and sometimes evens your fingers. Outbreak of this virus occurs when you share utensils with a contaminated person; kiss each other, sharing contaminated objects like lip-balm, lipstick, razor, towel etc. Symptoms of this virus are cold sores, painful blisters and pustules, temperature, eczema, flu-like feeling etc.

Herpes Simplex Virus II

Another kind of virus is Herpes Simplex Virus 2 also known as HSV-2 is a type of virusgentialherpes that generally attacks on your genitals and its surrounded area like vulva, penis, anus, thighs and its surrounded area but that doesn’t mean it can’t effect other parts of your body and vice versa. Outbreak of this virus occurs when having unprotected sex, having multiple sex partners, being feminine. Symptoms of this virus are painful pustules and blisters on genitals, lesions, redness on skin, painful urination and pain during sex etc. Although these two viruses cause different physical symptoms on your body but psychological effect of these virus is same. There is no cure available for this virus and once these virus have entered in you may remain in your body forever but symptoms of this virus may be come and go type. So people often think that why this virus has affected them, they are going to transmit this disease to their loved one and these thinking make them victims of inferiority complex. Some people even think of suicide. Although Almost 75-85% people infected by this virus but still there is less information available for this virus because no one want to discuss about the condition they are going through. Because there is lesser information available, there are so many myths about this virus airing at the time.

Some of those myths are:

People with Herpes Virus can’t Have The Baby:

This myth has nothing to do with herpes infection. Yes it is true that some doctors advice couple to not have sex during herpes outbreak but that doesn’t mean they can’t have sex once they are infected by this virus. These infections are not going to live with you forever, it’s just a matter of time and this infection will be mild. Although these virus have nothing to do with fetus.

Herpes is passed through bloodHerpes is Passed Through Blood:

Not so true. Herpes can only be passed if you come in skin to skin contact with contaminated person or you share contaminated objects. Herpes has nothing to do with blood because it can’t contaminate blood. So if blood is not contaminated, how a person can get infected by the blood.

People with Herpes are Always Infectious:

Not so true, even if a person infected by this virus is not always infectious. They are only infectious during the outbreak of this virus. In this condition people must have symptoms like fluid filled pustules and blisters that are seeping or lesions should be available there in order to be infectious.
It is a rare disease: Nope, in fact almost 75-85% of the world population has been affected by this virus. It’s just that in most of the cases symptoms of this virus don’t arise because these viruses are in latent state. So you are not alone who is having this virus.

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