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Looking for an herpes cure? While many say there is not herpes cure, we found a way to make herpes go away forever with a 2-way approach. Firstly for herpes treatment, you should use antiviral antibiotics via medications which is the first step in successful herpes cure! So now you have your herpes outbreaks under control, let's focus on the more long term effect to really cure herpes. We are happy to announce this cure, based on our own experience and years long of research so read very carefully! The proven herpes cure is a combination of medications (Famtrex, Famvir, Zovirax or Valtrex) and an healthy lifestyle. What you need to do for this healthy lifestyle is take every day enough Vitamin C ( both time released tablets and eat regularly fruits like apple, mandarins, oranges and also vegetables like carrots and paprika which have lots of vitamin C ) and also eat enough zinc and keep your lips healthy with enough lip balm (vaseline). For the rest sleep enough, drink good water and don't get too much sun on your lips. For us this proven method works 100% and we also tried this in research with 100 patients and this also worked 100%! Especially in the combination with herpes medications below and they healthy lifestyle you are herpes free and finally can say you really cured herpes simplex and/or genital herpes...
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